Making memories with families...

Before the Shoot

Leading up to a photo shoot I watch the weather like crazy. It was supposed to be a beautiful day and so far it was. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is that I get to bring my own family members out with me location-scouting. Below are some photos of my daughter Amara and I. We headed out scouting a few hours before this shoot. It was just perfect outside and I couldn't resist some fun cell phone selfies!

Once I find the perfect spot I start getting excited to shoot! I quickly called up my client Ashly and told her what I found and where to meet for the shoot. I was excited to do family photos for Ashly and Ryan. Since I last photographed them, their family has grown to four. Their daughter is just beautiful and full of spunk (and I want to capture that in my photos.) She is also oh so helpful with her little brother who, as you can see, is a super duper cutie and walking now!!

Anyways, Ashly and I chatted about the session and she was looking forward to doing a "less posed" family session. The goal... capture them having fun, playing with each other and just being themselves (with a few framers in there as well). All my gear was prepped, memory cards emptied, and I did a last minute check-list to ensure I had everything. When I looked outside I saw a dreaded black cloud coming right for me.... yikes! Right away I was on the phone with Ashly telling her to come sooner rather than later so we don't get rained on. Of coarse when they showed up it had started to rain and the wind was blowing like crazy; we decided to wait it out while on location. Luckily we live in Alberta and it took a whole of fifteen minutes to pass and once again it was beautiful. I set up my gear.

I am finding these days I just love to use my 85mm F1.8 prime lense. I just love the sharp focus it gives to my subjects with beautiful blurry backgrounds. The only downside is that I look like a lunatic sometimes running back and forth from my clients to get a near or far away shot.

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Now that we were all ready we broke out the bubbles.... not champagne but soap bubbles. Everyone started to relax and have fun as bubbles floated and popped all around us. I like to have fun behind the lens as well, bantering with my clients, making silly noises or faces to get a giggle out of the kids (or the adults).... trust me I will do what it takes!

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In some of these photos I believe I was throwing my jacket up in the air and marching while twirling it at my side... to have the kids engaged in the shot. It's key to a beautiful shot!

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When the kids need a break, I focus on Mom and Dad or capture the down times that a family has together. In the end we have beautiful images with great lighting ( So important to me), and a great family experience that captures fun, togetherness and special memories (also so important to me).

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