What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session


Yay! You are expecting a new bundle of love into your life and you want nothing more then to capture all the cuteness, cuddles, and love of this moment in your lives. You have taken the first step in hiring a photographer. Now how do you prepare yourself, your family and your newborn baby to make the best of this opportunity. I have created this guide so you know how to prepare and what to expect so that your session will go as smooth as possible.

First things first, after your baby is born shoot me a text and let me know that your baby was born. I personally would love you know all of the details. Did you have a boy or girl? Weight? Names? Any complications? How's Mom and the rest of the family doing?

Knowing these details helps me know when the best time would be to book your session (eg: different kinds of deliveries can cause babe's head to shape differently and it can take time to round back out) also knowing how Mom is doing helps me know if you will be prepared for a session right away or waiting a little is might be better. 

Once I know all your details we will confirm a date. Leading up to your photo shoot pay attention to baby’s schedule (if there is one). This can be helpful in knowing what time we want to book our session. Ideally I want to show up after baby has been awake for a while like at the start of a feed so that when I finish setting up your baby will be sleepy and ready for a nap. We will confirm a time 48-72 hours before the session date.

Before Your Session

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Pick outfits for you and your baby and any other family members involved.

For yourself and your other half, stick with solid colors. Find something that complements your eye color, that fits well, and that looks good on you. If you are self conscious about your arms don’t wear sleeveless. Consider buying a new shirt that you feel great in. Avoid really bright colors.

For baby, pick a few favorite outfits but also know we will be doing some birthday suit photos too. Have clean diapers and wipes on hand. Also any props that you want to use in your photos have available and ready to go. These can be special blankets, hats, stuffed animals, ultrasound photos or any other thing that has a sentimental connection to that moment.

For siblings or other family members, have them wear complementary outfits. Also avoid clothes that have heavy patterns, are really bright, or have logo’s across them.

Be transparent and manage you expectations with your photographer.

What style of photos are you wanting? Do you want photographs of skin on skin, nursing, changing or burping your babe? Do you want family photos or sibling photos? Let me know. Also feel free to shoot me any examples of photos that you love and would like to try and recreate.

The Day Of Your Session

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Give yourself plenty of time to get ready for you session. If you are rushed the baby will sense your anxiety.

Now that you have a new little one they tend to takeover your time. What once took you 30 min. might take one hour now, so allow yourself lots of time to get ready. You can always touch up your make-up or hair while baby only photos are being taken.

Crank that heat up (but not so that you are sweating like crazy).

A warm baby is a sleepy baby. I will also bring a heater to keep baby sleepy in between outfit changes and for birthday suit photos. I may need your help to find and outlet for plug in.

Plan snacks to eat during your session.

Newborns can be unpredictable and sessions can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours long. I want my mom’s and baby’s both to have happy tummies for the photo shoot. Please eat when you feel you need to.

Make your bed and tidy any area that photographs may be taken such as couches and nurseries.

Having free range of your home will allow for a greater variety of photos and a more detailed capturing of this moment of your life. Have all changes of clothes and props ready to go. This helps keep things smooth and stress free.

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And last but not least. Relax and enjoy your session.

My job is to help create a beautiful memory of this time in your lives, I am not worried if your baby takes an hour to eat, I know that diapers need to be changed and that newborns don’t always do what we want them to. Lets have fun and make a memory.

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