What to wear for your photoshoot

Is your family photoshoot creeping up on the calendar and you are still not sure what you or everyone else is going to wear. Do you find it stressful to pick out outfits? Not to worry, here is 10 tips that will make picking out your outfits an easier task.  

Fall Family Photos near Red Deer BMX park

10 tips

1) What look do you want for your photoshoot? Is it casual, semi-formal or formal? Make sure everyone in the family is on board for a similar look. Ideally you want to wear something that you can see yourself wearing another time so it represents closely to who you really are.

2) Compliment your colors. No need to go super matchy matchy (unless that is the look you want). Colors that work well together are maroon/blue/white, black/grey/white, pink/grey/black, brown/orange/blue etc. 

3) Pick outfits that co-ordinate well with your session location or season. 

4) Wear something that flatters your shape and you can move in. Don't just force something on because it "matches the color scheme." Make sure you feel good in what you are wearing.

5) If you plan to hang your photo on your wall. Think of colors that will match the room the photo is intended for.

6) Avoid too much pattern. Some pattern is nice, too much can be distracting to the photo.

7) Say no to logos and characters. These date and sick out in your photos.

8) Think simple and classic. Stay away from super trendy clothing choices that can also date your photos. 

9) Include texture elements like scarves, hats, belts, hair pins and nice shoes. 

10)Plan ahead. Make your lives easier and pick outfits out at least 5 days in advance. Lay them out so you can see how everything looks together. Make sure to iron if you see wrinkles. Wear layers if it will be cold.

If you are still concerned remember you hired a professional to do your photos. Things like lighting, posing and photo composition can play a big role on how you look in your photos. Chat with your photographer about what type of images you would like, if you "have a better side" tell them, and remember to have fun with the process too :) 

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