Interior/Real Estate

Costs and Fees:

Base Fee of $200 (this covers up to 4 hours on location) - a fee of $20 per hour will apply for any hours above and beyond the original 4 hours. If Stacey Tompkins Photography required to revisit to location to take more photos a second fee of $50-75 will be charged. It is expected a second visit will be shorter than the first - if it is not, then the base fee, instead, will again apply.

Images: $5-20 per picture (these photos will be edited and copyright released) an average is $10 per image, if images require less or extensive editing cost per photo will vary.

Travel: No travel charge with-in 35 km of Sylvan Lake (70km round trip) Travel Fee ($0.40 per km) if travel is greater than 70km round trip.

Staging/Cleaning: MAJOR STAGING/CLEANING if necessary will incur an extra charge.

Photo Delivery - Photos will be provided via webpage and online download link.  If delivery of photo CD is required there will be an extra charge of $35 per CD.

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